WOW Day Pass 2023 line-up

Plan your WOW Festival with our handy guide to all the events in the WOW Day Pass programme – more to be announced!

If this is your first time, the WOW Day Pass gives you access to dozens of talks, workshops and panel events – with multiple sessions taking place at the same time in different rooms and venues across the Southbank Centre building – so you can design your own schedule. Each day has a totally different line-up so you can book to come on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday!

All events in the Royal Festival Hall will be BSL Interpreted by Performance Interpreting and Captioned by My Clear Text. Events in The Clore Ballroom will also be Captioned. It's time to get inspired and get planning...


WOW Friday Opening Session - Women, Power & Misogyny

10.30-11.30am, Royal Festival Hall

Join Jude Kelly to open WOW’s first full return to our beloved Day Pass festival model since the pandemic.

Following keynote remarks by Verna Eggleston who leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Women’s Economic Development Initiative, WOW founder Jude Kelly is joined by Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, as they look back at The Misogyny Speech – Julia’s call to arms against misogyny and sexism. Julia's new book Not Now, Not Ever marks the 10th anniversary of the speech by celebrating progress and exploring the challenges in the empowerment of women everywhere.

They are joined by Everyday Sexism Founder Laura Bates, author Elif Shafak and girls’ rights activist Josephine Kamara to discuss misogyny today and how we can collectively fight against it.

Bringing the Pankhursts to the Stage

12 - 1pm Royal Festival Hall

Join Sylvia's Beverley Knight and Kate Prince to hear about the life of Sylvia Pankhurst.

Sylvia is the revolutionary story that celebrates the life of Sylvia Pankhurst – feminist, activist, pacifist, socialist, rebel – the lesser-known Pankhurst at the heart of the Suffragette movement, who changed the lives of working women and men across the world.

Uniting dance, hip hop, funk and soul to shine a light on a remarkable moment in history, it's taking The Old Vic by storm with the legendary Beverley Knight in the role of Emmeline Pankhurst. She is joined here at WOW by Sylvia's Associate Director Dannielle 'Rhimes' Lecointe. They'll tell Sylvia's story, why it needs to be a musical - and who knows, maybe share a taste of some of the show!

Feminist with Fillers?

12-1pm, The Clore Ballroom

In this session we ask if fillers are anti-feminist or can you be feminist and get the odd tweakment?

Have years of scowling at gender inequity left you with wrinkles? Are fillers anti-feminist or can you be feminist and get the odd tweakment? Botox and fillers are lines many feminists won’t cross, but why? And is that changing? Our panel discuss why some might think improving your self esteem is a feminist issue and why others think it’s just the latest trick in the patriarchal playbook! Join us for a light hearted discussion on ageing with - or without - injectables.

Speakers include columnist, podcaster and TV personality Megan Barton-Hanson; Sunday Times best-selling author Juno Dawson; and content creator and life coach Sian Westley. Chaired by journalist and author Bee Rowlatt.

Deaf Becomes Her - Life as Deaf Women

12-1pm, Sunley Pavilion

Meet The Deaf Ethnic Women's Association to hear some of the challenges faced by Deaf women.

The Deaf Ethnic Women's Association provides a range of support to help empower Minority Ethnic Deaf women to be active and successful in all aspects of their lives, without compromising their identity. In this session Chair of DEWA Trustees and artist Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq is joined by guest speakers to discuss the importance of community support as well as some of the challenges faced by the women within their network.

Speakers include Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, Maral Mamaghanizadeh, Sonia Choudhury Yvonne Beckfordand Nadia Nadarajah. This session will be in BSL and translated into spoken English.

The Art of Storytelling: Exploring Empathy Through Hip Hop & Soul Music

12-1pm Foyle Pavilion

Join WOW Sounds Artist in Residence LayFullstop for a creative and soothing workshop.

Join WOW Sounds Artist in Residence LayFullstop for a creative and soothing workshop blending music, creativity and kindness. In this session, musician Layfullstop explores the power of empathy in hip hop and soul music, and leads a writing exercise as a creative response to empathy in our everyday lives. From the likes of A Tribe called Quest, Jill Scott and perhaps some you have never heard of, there’ll be something for everyone in this grounding and supportive workshop. No prior musical knowledge or experience is required!

Supported by PRS For Music Foundation.

WOW Big Ideas on Health

12-1pm, Level 4 Green Bar

Hear WOW Big Ideas on health from fibroids to getting your sparkle back after a stroke.

Hear from speakers with experience and personal knowledge of how chronic health conditions and inequalities are impacting people today. Including:

  • Dr Annabel Sowemimo, Founder and Co-Director of Decolonising Contraception and author of Divided: Racism, Medicine and Why We Need to Decolonise Healthcare on how fibroids disproportionately affect Black communities

  • Ione Gamble, writer and Founding Editor in Chief of Polyester zine and author of Poor Little Sick Girls, a love letter to unacceptable women in all their forms living with chronic fatigue conditions

  • Marketing, storytelling and personal branding expert, and two-time stroke survivor Carole Pyke on living with retrograde amnesia and getting your sparkle back after a stroke

  • Kenny Ethan Jones, the first trans-man to head up a period campaign, on how important inclusive language is

The Best Things in Life Aren't Free

12-1pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

Join our financial experts for a frank conversation on money and how to make it work better for you.

Join our financial experts for a frank conversation on money, the state of the economy and what the cost of living crisis means for women. Our speakers strip away the jargon to give us the lowdown on the full impact of the crisis, as well as share recommendations for saving, budgeting and making your money work for you.

Speakers Include Disability Inclusion Specialist, social entrepreneur and broadcaster Shani Dhanda; Amaliah Co-Founder and author of How to Make MoneyNafisa Bakkar; Keira Lloyd, Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard and other speakers to be announced.

Queers on the Map

12-1pm, Level 5 Function Room

A look at the story behind the recent census data on the LGBTQIA community.

The 2021 census was the first to ask people about their gender identity and sexual orientation, and so revealed for the first time data about queer life in Britain today. We look at the story behind the data, and revisit some of the activism and milestones along the way. Why has it taken so long for the LGBTQIA community to be included in the national story? And what impact does this recognition have for a community that still struggles for equality?

Speakers include host and producer of The Log Books podcast Tash Walker; journalist and presenter, Shivani Dave; award-winning trans and queer creative Fox Fisher; Gayathiri Kamalakanthan from School of Sexuality Education; and writer, producer and presenter Abi McIntosh.

WOW Big Ideas

1.45-2.45pm, Royal Festival Hall

Come and hear some of the world’s most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most.

Come and hear some of the world’s best and most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most. Including:

  • Activist, broadcaster and entrepreneur Shani Dhanda talks about her dream of an accessible future and what we all need to do to achieve it, ultimately benefiting us all.

  • Author and Founder Ebinehita Iyere brings the voice of Black Girls to the forefront through Girlhood Unfiltered an anthology of essays, letters and creative work by Milk Honey Bees, a project supporting Black Girls to put H.E.R first.

  • Labour MP for Coventry South Zarah Sultana on her experience of Islamophobia in politics and the scapegoating of minority communities.

  • Body image and health expert Professor Phillippa Diedrichs speaks to creating a world free of gender norms and body stereotypes and the power of sport in defying these pressures and unjust systems – so no one is held back. (Presented in partnership with Nike)

  • Kate Parker on the Schools Consent Project – and why it's crucial we talk to all young people about what consent looks like, how to give, seek, withdraw and withhold it, and how the law works

The Business of Beautiful Business

1.45-2.45pm, The Clore Ballroom

Mary Portas on how the world of work has to change to protect people and the planet.

Join businesswoman and activist Mary Portas for a fascinating keynote as she looks at where we are in the world of work – and what has to change. She believes the future requires an uprising of the feminine with moral beauty at the heart of how we live and work.

Expanding on the themes of her books Work Like A Woman: A Manifesto for Change and Rebuild: How to Thrive in the new Kindness Economy, this insightful session will examine where we are today and the urgent change needed to protect people and the planet. Business woman Jane Shepherdson will join to discuss Mary’s radical call for change. Chaired by India Gary-Martin, CEO & Founder of Leadership For Execs.

East Side Voices at WOW

1.45-2.45pm, Level 5 Function Room

Celebrating East and South East Asian Writers and Identity in Britain.

Enjoy a literary afternoon with East and Southeast Asian writers from the dazzling East Side Voices, edited by Helena Lee, Founder of the East Side Voices cultural salon. A ‘first-of-its-kind’ anthology, it showcases original essays and poetry taking us to many places: from the frontlines of the NHS in the midst of the Covid pandemic to a spirit festival in Myanmar. We bring the writers to the stage to discuss how they navigate the legacies of family history, racial identity, assimilation and difference.

Speakers include writer, academic and poet Dr Anna Sulan Masing; Literary Agent and author Catherine Cho and award-winning author Sharlene Teo.

Illustration 101 with Rubyetc

1.45-2.45pm, Sunley Pavilion

Get loud on the page in this fun illustration workshop with artist Rubyetc!

Keen to make some art but don't know where to begin? Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking inspiration or haven't picked up a pen in years, join illustrator, cartoonist and author Ruby Elliot (aka Rubyetc) for a relaxed hour of drawing. Learn some simple techniques for coming up with ideas, creating a character and having the confidence to be loud on the page!

Women and Madness: Power Abuses and our Emotional Worlds

1.45-2.45pm, Foyle Pavilion

Women have been called ‘mad’ or ‘mentally ill’ for years. Are we really 'mad'? Or are we having human responses to an unjust and traumatising world?

Women have been called ‘mad’ or ‘mentally ill’ for years. Are we really 'mad'? Or are we having human responses to an unjust and traumatising world? Join a team of experts to explore how they think mental health services are increasingly diagnosing women with experiences of abuse with mental disorders. They'll discuss the Power Threat Meaning Framework – a radical alternative to the diagnostic model which asks ‘what has happened to you?’ rather than ‘what is wrong with you?’, and explore the strategies women use in the face of multiple injustices; arguing these are not symptoms of 'mental illness' – they are courageous survival responses to unbearable conditions. Join them to reclaim our right to feel distress in a madness-inducing world.

Speakers include poet, liberation and Community Psychologist, writer and presenter Dr Sanah Ahsan; Consultant Clinical Psychologist and campaigner Dr Lucy Johnstone; activist and writer specialising in trauma, abuse and recovery Jacqui Dillon; and Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner Dr Jasmine Chin.

Whose Feminism is it Anyway?

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Green Bar

How do we ensure that feminism encompasses everyone, being broad enough to care for all?

As the feminist movement continues to grow and to shift shape, how do we ensure that it remains led by and inclusive of those that experience marginalisation most keenly? Our panel will take us on a personal and intersectional journey through feminism today.

Speakers include Shahed Ezaydi, author of The Othered Woman: How White Feminism Harms Muslim Women; Dr Finn Mackay, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and author of Radical Feminism-Activism in Movement and Female Masculinities and the Gender Wars; Dr Sofia Rehman, author, Founder of Leeds Lit Book Club and Islam and Gender scholar; artist, curator and cultural programmer Cathy Mager; and Jade Bentil, Black feminist historian, author and DPhil researcher at the University of Oxford.

We Need to Talk about Miscarriage

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

650 babies are miscarried every week in the UK, but where are the spaces for women to grieve this life-changing loss?

The mental, emotional and physical tolls of miscarriage are huge, but there is an expectation for women to suffer this loss in silence and carry on with life and work as usual. In this session, we create a space for people to speak openly and frankly about the loss of pregnancy. We’ll talk about the impact societal expectations, medical care and a lack of meaningful and practical support can have, as well as the very real and devastating phenomena of baby loss burnout.

Speakers include Adrift: Fieldnotes from Almost-Motherhood author Miranda Ward; author and journalist Jennie Agg; Dope Black Mums campaigner Rosalyn Springer; and Jacqui Clinton, Fundraising Director at Tommy’s Charity​​.

Black History Walks at WOW

1.45-3.15pm, outdoors along the South Bank

Black History Walks present a very special historical tour along the South Bank.

Join Tony Warner, author and founder of Black History Walks, on this interactive tour of African and Caribbean history along the South Bank riverside. You’ll explore not only the fascinating link between Gentrification and Frankenstein, but all of what has helped to shape the Black Britain we know today.

From ancient Africa to Anti-Apartheid to Caribbean entrepreneurs, Top Ten hits, World War 2, block-busting movies and best-selling authors, this walking tour will also take a deep dive into the crux of social movements such as Black British Civil Rights, the entwined history between White suffragettes and Black Power and the fight for clean water in the 'third world'.

Please note, this walk must be booked in advance here.

The Power

3.30-4.30pm, Royal Festival Hall

Naomi Alderman, author of The Power, discusses the hotly anticipated TV adaptation of the literary phenomenon.

"We never dared to imagine it: A world that was built for us, where we made the rules. That world was at our fingertips all this time. All we had to do was burn down the world that was.”

Don't miss this electrifying event as Naomi Alderman, author of the international bestseller The Power, joins us on stage ahead of the release of the hotly anticipated TV adaptation of the literary phenomenon on Prime Video. She'll be joined onstage by Jane Featherstone (Chernobyl) SISTER co-founder and award-winning executive producer of the forthcoming series and British Ghanaian visual artist, performer/actor and maker Heather Agyepong. The session is chaired by Jane Mulkerrins, journalist and broadcaster, The Times.

In the early stages of a new world order, teenage girls suddenly find they have the ability to electrocute anything - and anyone - they want. As the rebellion and 'the Power' spreads worldwide, the beginning of a Matriarchal society begins to emerge, following the lives of four women who could never have dreamt of the power they now wield in their fingertips.

Presented in partnership with Amazon Studios.

Stop the Violence

3.30-4.30pm, The Clore Ballroom

Join an esteemed group of speakers working to end violence against women.

Violence against women is on the rise. Worldwide, 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence. From intimate partner violence to stranger attacks and abuse of power by the institutions meant to protect us, our panel of speakers break down what has created this culture, why it seems to be getting worse and how we think it can be stopped. They’re all working to end violence against women and girls and each will come with solutions, campaigns or ideas you can join to make a difference too

Speakers include Mandu Reid, Leader of the UK Women’s Equality Party; Mina Smallman, teacher, priest, archdeacon, activist and mother; Lorien Haynes, actor, writer, producer and activist; and WOW Founder Jude Kelly.

Good Fatty/Bad Fatty

3.30-4.30pm, Sunley Pavilion

Join our panel of activists and speakers as they interrogate the complexities of fatness.

Why is it that some fat people are lauded and celebrated for their weight in society whilst others are shamed? In a society that pressures people to conform to very narrow beauty and weight standards, are there only two types of fat people as society suggests; good fatties – the people who want to lose weight – and bad fatties, who don’t? Join us to discuss this paradigm and the privilege it creates within the fat community, and to examine the intersections of fat identity that are too often left out of conversations on fatness.

Speakers include Psychotherapist Dr Charlotte Cooper; lecturer and activist Dr Phoebe Patey-Ferguson; and multi-award-winning body image and self-love advocate Stephanie Yeboah.

Feminist Invoicing: Creative Writing Workshop

3.30-4.30pm, Foyle Pavilion

What would you reclaim from the patriarchy if you could?

What do we lose thanks to unequal power dynamics, and how can we both heal and feel empowered through the process? Feminist Invoicing is a creative project exploring those questions by submitting creative ‘invoices’ to the patriarchy in the form of poetry or other writing. Join us for performances and a creative writing workshop led by award-winning poet Monika Radojevic, with an open invitation to submit your own ‘invoice’ and reclaim your story. The interactive session will open with free-writing exercises exploring themes of power and oppression, before guiding participants through the act of 'invoicing' the patriarchy and other systems of oppression.

Women, Life, Freedom & Other Stories of Global Resistance

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Green Bar
Speakers from across the world share their struggles for justice and stories of resistance.

In the face of an increasing rolling back of women's rights across the globe, the clarion call for women, life, freedom has never been louder. In this moving session we invite you to come and hear the stories from behind the headlines as we invite speakers and activists from across the world to share their struggles for justice and stories of resistance.

Speakers include Human Rights Lawyer and activist Leila Alikarami; former Afghanistan Human Rights Commissioner and Founder of The Organization of Rahyab for Rehabilitation Services for the Blind in Afghanistan Benafsha Yaqoob; and Director of Women’s House of Maré Julia Leal. Chaired by WOW Rio’s Renata Peppl.

To My Sisters: Courtney Boateng & Renée Kapuku

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Blue Bar
Join To My Sisters hosts Courtney Boateng and Renée Kapuku for a conversation on friendship.

Renée Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng, hosts of the hit podcast To My Sisters, join WOW to launch their new book, an essential guide to sisterhood. With their own friendship spanning a decade, their mission to reinvigorate sisterhood and redefine womanhood has turned into a global community of women helping each other to reclaim their power.

Join these 'online big sisters' as they draw from their intimate experiences to teach, guide and show you how to embrace the power of friendship and community in an authentic way. Packed with practical advice and reflective activities, To My Sisters will teach you how to find, build and nourish lifelong friendships. Chaired by Ndidi Okezie, CEO of UK Youth.

New Methods for Women: Leadership for the next 1000 years

3.30-4.30pm, Level 5 Function Room

A workshop reimagining leadership!

In 2023, how much do women in leadership positions have to emulate men to have power and influence? What do we need to do to shift the dial even further?

Serial entrepreneur and The Stack World Founder Sharmadean Reid leads a workshop to completely reimagine what leadership could look like well into the future. She will share tips for how we can lay the ground for that today in our daily lives, innovate for real change, and hold the door open for people coming up behind us.

Everyone welcome. Bring pen and paper and your hopes for the future!

Liv Little in Conversation with Lucy Boynton

5-6pm, Royal Festival Hall

Author Liv little joins us for a special conversation to celebrate the launch of her new book, Rosewater.

Author Liv little joins us for a special In Conversation to celebrate the launch of her new book Rosewater. Expect laughter, honesty and a sprinkle of romance in this beautiful discussion about queer love, creativity and so much more, as Liv is interviewed by her longtime friend and actress Lucy Boynton.


WOW Saturday Opening Session - Optimism & Activism

10.30-11.30am, Royal Festival Hall

Join WOW founder Jude Kelly and special guest Sandi Toksvig at the opening session.

Join WOW Founder Jude Kelly and special guests Sandi Toksvig and June Oscar to open Saturday at WOW. Expect moments of joy and laughter as they reflect on the year in activism with optimism and hope. Amidst the rolling back of rights for women, we celebrate those who have made change and continue to strive for a gender equal world.

Speakers include broadcaster Sandi Toksvig; Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar; and further special guests to be announced.

June Oscar is appearing at the festival with support from WOW Australia

Nike Presents: Creating the Future of Sport

12-1pm, Royal Festival Hall

A dive deep into how we can build a more equitable and inclusive future for women in sport.

This fascinating conversation will take a dive deep into how we can build a more equitable and inclusive future for women in sport. Featuring those leading the way and taking action to create a better world, from athletes to community organisations. In this session you’ll hear about their inspiring experiences and the incredible impact of their work. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, this discussion will be sure to get you thinking about the power of sport and the positive change it can create.

Speakers include Danielle St James, Chief Executive of Not A Phase, Olympic athlete Alice Dearing and Curve Catwalk Founder Trina Nicole. Chaired by Miriam Walker-Khan, Sky Sports' first Diversity and Inclusion reporter, and writer and editor for SEASON zine.

Showing Up: Men and Allyship with Beyond Equality

12-1pm, The Clore Ballroom

Join Beyond Equality to explore how we get more men to support women and girls.

This is the big question – how do we get more men to support women and girls? How do we encourage men to battle everything from the rise and rise of misogyny influencers, the pervasiveness of "benevolent sexism", through to showing up for EDI programmes and calling out sexism and harassment when they see it? And how do men themselves benefit from this process? We need men and boys to be part of the movement for gender equity. This session will be a wide ranging discussion on the practicalities, challenges and huge benefits of men being part of the movement. There'll be lots of solutions and we hope lots of men in the audience. All welcome!

Led by Dr Dan Guinness, Founder of Beyond Equality, with actor and musician Jordan Stephens, speaker, author and social changemaker Elliott Rae and Social Impact Campaigns Strategist for Movember Sarah Sternberg.

This session is presented in partnership with Beyond Equality

Right to Rage Workshop with Kim Moore

12-1pm, Foyle Pavilion

Join award-winning poet Kim Moore in this rageful writing workshop.

Does the idea of a ‘Gratitude Journal’ fill you with Rage? In a year where ‘Permacrisis’ has been chosen as Collins’ Dictionary word of the year, where incidents of violence against women are on the rise – increasingly perpetrated by institutions that are supposed to protect us – rage seems like a justifiable response. Join award-winning poet Kim Moore in this interactive workshop where you can channel some of this anger in your own Rage Journal. Kim’s hybrid book of lyric essays and poetry Are You Judging Me Yet? Poetry and Everyday Sexism will be published by Seren in March 2023.

From the Squatters movement to #SaveBrickLane: A History of Bengali Activism in the UK

12-1pm, Level 4 Green Bar

A rich and informative session celebrating a radical history of resistance and political organising.

From resisting racism in the 60’s East End, the Bengali squatters movement and the current #SaveBrickLane campaign to protect Bangla Town from devastating redevelopment, Bangladeshi and Bengali communities have long been at the forefront of social justice campaigns in Britain. But what exactly do we know about these histories and why isn’t there greater recognition of this activism?

Join us for a rich and informative session celebrating a radical history of resistance and political organising.

Speakers include academic Dr Fatima Rajina; award-winning arts educator Farzana Khan; Head of Research at Runnymede Trust Dr Shabna Begum; and poet and disability rights advocate Raisa Hassan.

Munroe Bergdorf In Conversation

12-1pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

Munroe Bergdorf returns to WOW to discuss her life-affirming book Transitional.

In this very special event, we welcome internationally renowned activist, model, writer and broadcaster Munroe Bergdorf to the stage, in conversation with Azieb-Hannah Pool, Artistic Director/CEO of Bernie Grant Arts Centre, to discuss her life-affirming, heartfelt and intimate book Transitional.

Through the story of one woman’s extraordinary mission to live with authenticity, Transitional shows us that we all transition, we all develop as people; it’s what binds us, not what separates us. Join Munroe as she shares how to heal, how to build a stronger community and how to evolve as a society out of shame and into pride.

Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Munroe Bergdorf will be joining WOW via live link up. Azieb-Hannah Pool will interview her from the venue in person.

Has Social Conditioning Made Women Better Leaders? (No Problem If Not!)

12-1pm, Level 5 Function Room

The Girls’ Day School Trust explore what makes an effective leader in the 21st century.

The 2022 Girls’ Day School Trust’s Girls’ Futures report showed that young people seek integrity and kindness in their leaders. Businesses with more women in leadership positions outperform companies dominated by men. During the pandemic, countries led by women fared better than those with male leaders. Girls are bombarded with ideas that they must be nurturing, compassionate, understanding, good listeners. So… has the patriarchy shot itself in the foot? Has the social conditioning of girls and women made them better suited to lead?

Speakers include author Genelle Aldred; FinTech CEO India Gary-Martin; Tampon Tax campaigner Laura Coryton; activist Kaisha-Wade Speid; and Headteacher Jo Sharrock.

This session is presented in partnership with Girls’ Day School Trust

Sound Bath with Jasmin Harsono

12-1pm, Sunley Pavilion

Relax and unwind with the healing properties of sound in this nourishing meditation.

Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the wellness brand and space Emerald and Tiger. Everyone is welcome as Jasmin guides you on a deeply relaxing sound bath journey using the gong, crystal frosted and singing bowls, drum, healing voice and other sound-healing instruments.

The intention is to hold a safe space allowing you to go inwards, rest and receive all you need in the present moment. So take time to unwind and get cosy as you are serenaded into a sound journey. Here you will begin to deepen your body, heart and spirit through the healing properties of sound.

WOW Big Ideas

1.45-2.45pm, Royal Festival Hall

Come and hear some of the world’s most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most.

Come and hear some of the world’s best and most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most. From feminist killjoys to being famous with a baby – there’ll be something for everyone in this fascinating session. Including:

  • Author and feminist thinker Sara Ahmed on how we can turn the feminist killjoy into a source of strength and solidarity.

  • Comedian Luisa Omielan on being famous with a baby - and other things she thought she’d be at 40

  • Activist Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah on her daughter Ella’s legacy, the first person in the world to have air pollution listed as a cause of death

  • FTSE 100 business leader Sara Weller CBE shares the case for Diversability inclusion and her fight for people to see her ability not her disability

Midlifing Marvellously

1.45-2.45pm, The Clore Ballroom
A look at just how brilliant midlife can be and the challenges that come along with this new phase of life.

While many women are moving into their dream careers and stepping into their confidence in midlife, this shift can also bring relationship changes, increased caring responsibilities and health issues. So how do we celebrate and embrace this new phase while building a supportive space for the challenges it may present? In this talk we look at just how brilliant midlife can be, how women are discovering new ways of being and the new communities springing up to support the challenges that come along with this new phase of life.

Speakers include Eleanor Mills, the founder of Noon and an award-winning editor, writer and broadcaster; comedian, writer and actress Meera Syal; Shadow Secretary of State for Women & Equalities Anneliese Dodds, Labour MP for Oxford East; and Sandie Okoro, Group General Counsel at Standard Chartered Bank and Chair of The WOW Foundation.

The Glass Cliff: Set up to Fail

1.45-2.45pm, Sunley Pavilion

We’ve heard of the Glass Ceiling, but what’s the Glass Cliff?

We’ve heard of the Glass Ceiling, but what’s the Glass Cliff? We ask why women are being made the fall guys in the workplace. What happens when marginalised groups or individuals take a position at the top, only to have their chance of success limited right from the start because of bias and institutional prejudice? Join this group of experts to discuss how we understand and change this.

Speakers include Sophie Williams, author of Millennial Black and Anti-Racist Ally, Racial Equity Consultant and ex-Netflix Global leader; journalist, author, curator and Artistic Director & CEO of Bernie Grant Arts Centre Azieb-Hannah Pool;Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, CEO of Stemettes and author of She's In CTRL: How women can take back tech.

Curve Catwalk Dance Session

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Green Bar

Learn a fun routine in a welcoming and safe space, sign-up, get involved and show off your best moves.

Dance is more than entertainment, it’s a joyful and powerful expression of creative movement. Come and participate in an inclusive dance class by The Curve Catwalk; guaranteed to get you moving and feeling part of an empowered community.

Founded by Trina Nicole, the platform celebrates dance for all bodies and all voices. So if you want to learn a fun routine in a welcoming and safe space, sign-up, get involved and show off your best moves. Everyone is welcome!

Presented in Partnership with Nike

The Future of Sex

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

Whether you're a sexpert or dont know your homo-sapiens from your sapio-sexuals, join this fun session.

Some say we’re living through a sexual revolution, spurred on by shifting sexual desires and the increased popularity of sex parties. Meanwhile, others argue we’re living through a ‘sex recession’, pointing to trends like #celibacy TikTok and data showing Gen Z are having a lot less sex than Millennials and boomers. But what does it all mean and what does the future of sex really look like?

Whether you're a sexpert or dont know your homo-sapiens from your sapio-sexuals, join this fun and lively discussion as our panel of experts try to make sense of it all.

Speakers include Sex Talks creator Emma-Louise Boynton; Simona Xu; Kenny Ethan Jones and Ana Kirova.

Making Home: All The Houses I've Ever Lived In

1.45-2.45pm, Level 5 Function Room

Join Kieran Yates and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff for a conversation about how we think of home.

Women have historically been resigned to the domestic space and the idea of ‘homemaking’, but how do we think of home now in today's society? Can we make sure our homes work for us at all stages of life and find hope in the housing systems that have failed us? Join us for this fascinating discussion on home with two of the UK’s most popular journalists and writers – Kieran Yates and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff.

This session will be followed by a special book signing of Kieran Yates’ All The Houses I’ve Ever Lived In in advance of her publication date

Around the World in 80 WOWs

1.45-2.45pm, Foyle Pavilion

Learn about WOW Festivals across the world – prepare to be WOW’d!

Learn about WOW Festivals across the world. Since it began in 2010, WOW has taken place in over 30 locations across six continents. Hear from WOWs in Rio de Janeiro, Rotherham, Pakistan and more – prepare to be WOW’d! Chaired by WOW Australia’s Executive Producer Cathy Hunt.

Speakers include WOW Rotherham Community Producer Noor Salih; Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui from the WOW Pakistan curating team and Maíra Gabriel Anhorn and Andreza Jorge from WOW Rio de Janeiro.

Kathy Burke in Conversation

3.30-4.30pm, Royal Festival Hall

Join Kathy Burke and Jude Kelly in conversation for the first time ever at WOW

English actress, comedian, writer, producer and director Kathy Burke joins WOW for the first time ever.

Kathy Burke is one of the UK’s most loved entertainers, documentary makers and now directors. From her iconic roles in Harry Enfield and Chums, Absolutely Fabulous, spearheading documentaries like Money Talks and All Woman, through to her most recent smash-hit podcast Where There's A Will, There's A Wake, Kathy Burke has done it all. Here she talks with WOW Founder Jude Kelly about the journey to directing, the joys and challenges along the way, and the tools she’s used at the turning points in her life.

The Case for Free Childcare

3.30-4.30pm, The Clore Ballroom

Find out why we should all care about extortionate childcare costs in this state of the nation conversation.

Our childcare costs are some of the most expensive in the world, and yet with the rising cost of living and more people being forced back into the workplace, the figures keep rising.

From the march of the mummies to the corridors of Westminster, calls for reform are more urgent than ever, but the sector remains underfunded and in need of radical change.

Join us for this lively discussion and have your opportunity to get involved and participate in the debate as we call for urgent action and radical reform.

Speakers include Stella Creasy MP; writer and WOW Programmer Sabeena Akhtar; Catherine Mayer, Co-Founder of the Women's Equality Party and author; Publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove; Chief of Staff of the Women’s Equality Party Hannah Peaker; and Founder of Pregnant Then Screwed Joeli Brearley.

Losing It: Alopecia & other Hair Loss

3.30-4.30pm, Sunley Pavilion

Join an intimate discussion on the impact and empowerment of hair loss.

With eight million women in the UK experiencing hair loss or alopecia, and celebrities such as Jada Pinkett Smith sharing their stories on the world’s stage, there is now a much greater awareness of these conditions. However, there is still no cure for alopecia and with cases rising through the Covid pandemic, more research is needed for this autoimmune disorder. In this session we’ll explore how women are often told that their beauty is bound up with the length and weight of their hair, and the intense distress and shame when they experience hair loss.

Speakers include Gina Knight, Founder of the award-winning Gina Knight Wig Design brand; Jasmine Cooray, a psychotherapist and poet; Dr. Nadia Craddock, body image researcher and co-host of The Body Protest and Appearance Matters podcast; and Bea Colley, freelance Literature Producer and Programmer at WOW.

Confidence Boost! with Sarah Blumenau

3.30-4.30pm, Foyle Pavilion

A fun and interactive session of simple, quick and effective techniques to boost your confidence.

Confidence Boost! Is a one hour, fun and interactive session to equip you with simple, quick, and effective techniques to boost your confidence. Explore a variety of physical, breathing and refocusing techniques to enhance confidence, manage negative self-talk and improve connection. Leave feeling inspired, empowered and motivated to apply your newfound skills!

The workshop will be led by Communication Practitioner Sarah Blumenau.

Who Bears the Cost of Living Crisis?

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Green Bar

When the choice is between heating and eating, who bears the biggest burden?

As the cost of living crisis deepens and heating banks are now popping up to join food banks already at breaking point across the UK, join us to discuss how having disabilities or being in vulnerable positions can make the situation even more frightening.

Speakers include Sarah Howard, theatre director, disability activist and Access Manager; Imkaan’s Senior Policy and Projects Coordinator Nadia Baksh; Helen Undy, CEO of Money and Mental Health; and stripper, performance artist, writer and activist Stacey Clare.

Home Girls Unite

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

An intergenerational conversation about the everyday realities of being an eldest immigrant daughter.

Home Girls Unite – the support group for eldest immigrant daughters – join us for a session on the everyday realities of being an eldest immigrant daughter. In this fascinating conversation, we’ll hear how the role can affect the different aspects of our lives – both negatively and positively – as well as sharing advice on how to thrive, gain autonomy and carve out moments of joy and laughter among the responsibilities.

Everyone is welcome to this session and it will be followed by a short networking event.

Speakers include Co-Founder of Home Girls Unite Yasin Bojang; Esther Oluga; HGU Advisory Member Aisha Al-Abdallah; and Ify Adenuga, author and mother to Skepta, Jme, Julie and Jason Adenuga.

The Consent Collective Game Show
3.30-4.30pm, Level 5 Function Room
Join The Consent Collective for an episode of their podcast gameshow How to be good in Bed.

Join The Consent Collective as they record an episode of their podcast gameshow How to be Good in Bed as part of WOW 2023. Expect to learn and laugh as panellists compete to win the accolade of being good in bed in the game show that touches on pleasure, consent and relationships in all the right ways (as long as they are enthusiastically consenting).

Presented by Dr Nina Burrowes and Cynthia Ellis, Founders of The Consent Collective; with guests Emma Louise Boynton, writer and the founder of Sex Talks; Psychotherapist Dr Leyla Hussein; WOW Australia’s Jo Pratt, and one half of The Triple Cripples, Kym Oliver.

The Urgent Climate Conversation

5-6pm, Royal Festival Hall

Join a group of the world’s leading climate change and social justice activists for this urgent conversation.

The climate crisis is now more urgent than ever, with what the UN describes as 'half of humanity living in the danger zone'. Join a group of the world’s leading climate change and social justice activists for this urgent conversation to discover the situation on the ground and ask what must be done in order to tackle the crisis. With an estimated seven years left to enact meaningful change, how can we make the climate crisis a priority and imagine a future without it?

Speakers include Pat Mitchell, the Editorial Director of TEDWomen and author of Becoming a Dangerous Woman; Environmental activist and member of Chad’s pastoralist Mbororo community Hindou Ibrahim; President of Women in Africa Initiative Hafsat Abiola; Climate Justice Activist, Author and Podcast Host Mikaela Loach; Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar and former Irish President Mary Robinson.

June Oscar is appearing at the festival with support from WOW Australia


Views on the News

10.30-11.30am, The Clore Ballroom

Join WOW founder Jude Kelly and special guests to open the day with their hilarious views on the news!

Take a look at today’s newspapers with WOW Founder Jude Kellyand special guests. Together we discuss what the headlines mean for gender equality and how to deal with the press in the age of fake news, tabloid gossip and more. Expect outrage, laughter and puns.

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves MP joins for an in conversation with Jude Kelly.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe In Conversation

12-1pm, Royal Festival Hall

Do not underestimate how wonderful it is to be free and to live in a free country.” - Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was trapped in Iran for six years before she was finally freed and reunited with her daughter and husband back in the UK. Almost exactly a year after her release, Nazanin joins us at WOW to be in conversation with Tulip Siddiq MP, her local MP who fought tirelessly for her release, about freedom, family, fighting for change, and her support for women and girls in Iran today.

The Story of Art Without Men

12-1pm, The Clore Ballroom

Katy Hessel on the female artists who are so often excluded from the history books.

Women artists currently make up just 1% of the National Gallery collection in London. The same museum only staged their first major solo exhibition by a historic female artist, Artemisia Gentileschi, in 2020, while 2023 will mark the first time the Royal Academy of Arts has ever hosted a solo exhibition by a woman in their main space (Marina Abramović).

In her new book, curator and art historian Katy Hessel challenges the canon as we know it and showcases the female and gender non-conforming artists who are so often excluded from the history books. Katy will be in conversation with Kate Mosse, the author of Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries, which brings together Kate’s rich and detailed knowledge of unheard and under-heard women’s history. Go to www.katemosse.co.uk/events for details of the Warrior Queens one-woman theatre tour.

Come along and be shocked and inspired - and be prepared to leave with a brand new set of favourite women from history.


12-1pm, Foyle Pavilion

Learn the basics of DIY in this fun and informative workshop.

In this workshop, come and learn the basics of DIY so that you can sort easy problems out yourself at home, and learn what to ask for when you need professional help. From drilling holes in walls to finding your own stopcock, we'll give a full DIY MOT.

It'll be fun and informative, and all levels of knowledge are welcome - the less you know the better.

This session is led by Hattie Hasan MBE, CEO and Founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

Stopcocks are launching a programme called Community Champions, training up women and girls to be empowered with DIY knowledge to support those leaving refuge accommodation into independence. To find out more about becoming a Community Champion, email mica@stopcocks.uk

BBC Reel: Through The Lens

12-1pm, Level 4 Green Bar
BBC Reel speaks to special guests about documentary filmmaking.

Join us as we discuss the power of visual storytelling and the significance of the person behind the lens in this fascinating session on documentary filmmaking.

BBC Reel speaks to special guests about their work and how their unique perspective sheds light on new and different ways of seeing, exploring, and documenting the world, people, and society.

Speakers include BBC Reel award-winning senior video producer Griesham Taan; Bafta winning documentary maker Cherish Oteka; writer and director Ella Glendining; and award-winning director and writer Kathryn Ferguson.

This session is presented in partnership with BBC Reel.

Crash & Burn: Addiction & Recovery

12-1pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

Join a panel of speakers who write and speak out about addiction and recovery.

A recent study carried out by With You – the UK’s leading drug, alcohol and mental health charity – suggests many women find addiction support services daunting and intimidating; and that associated trauma is often ignored and overlooked, rather than being bound up in treatment methods. With alcohol consumption at an all time high during the pandemic and services stretched to capacity, it seems even harder for women to get the right help. We bring together a range of speakers who write and speak out about addiction and recovery.

Speakers include writer and broadcaster Octavia Bright and author of Black SheepSabrina Pace-Humphreys, in conversation with Sam Missingham, Founder of The Empowered Author.

The Big V

12-1pm, Level 5 Function Room
Join us to find out how to smash stigma, label your labia and fight for your vulva's rights!

Do you want to learn how vulvas have been admired in art and culture throughout history and how powerful your period really is? Join Florence Schechter as she presents themes from her debut book V: An empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina, the book for those who are ready to begin an all-important adventure to reach a place of confidence and admiration for your vagina, vulva and incredible body. In this hour long interactive talk, which is fully inclusive of trans and non-binary communities, you’ll find out how to smash stigma, label your labia, fight for your vulva's rights and find your Big V Energy!

Deborah Levy in Conversation with Erica Wagner

1.45-2.45pm, Royal Festival Hall

Award-winning author Deborah Levy in conversation with author and critic Erica Wagner.

Deborah Levy’s Living Autobiography trilogy is one of the finest literary examples of what it means to share a life on the page. In this conversation on writing and womanhood, we bring together the twice Booker Prize shortlisted author and Erica Wagner, author of Mary and Mr Eliot: A Sort-of Love Story and now Consulting Literary Editor for Harper's Bazaar. The two will delve into essential questions about womanhood, modernity, creative identity and personal freedom informed by her trilogy: Things I Don’t Want To Know, The Cost of Living and Real Estate.

WOW Big Ideas

1.45-2.45pm, The Clore Ballroom

Come and hear some of the world’s best and most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most.

Come and hear some of the world’s best and most compelling speakers talk about the things they care about most. From conwomen to a moving book reading – there’ll be something for everyone in this fascinating session! Including:

  • Nazir Afzal, former Chief Prosecutor, who has spent a lifetime tackling violence against women and girls, shares why he thinks the time has come to call it what it is – MALE violence against women and girls so that the cause is addressed and not just the outcome

  • Actress and author Shobna Gulati performs a moving reading from her book Remember Me?

  • Writer Alice Sherwood on what she’s learnt from conwomen

  • VICE and VICE UK editor in chief Zing Tsjeng on Forgotten Women from history

  • Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London on male allyship

WOW Bites

1.45-2.45pm, Foyle Pavilion
Hear WOW Bites on how to freeze your eggs to what’s the 411 in Brazil.

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Hear WOW Bites on how to freeze your eggs to the 411 in Brazil. Soapbox moments by women with incredible stories including:

  • Irene Agbontaen, Founder of TTYA Talks demystifies the not-so-age-old secret of freezing your eggs

  • Monica Macias, Black Girl from Pyongyang author, on her extraordinary upbringing in North Korea

  • Ana Paula Brasil and Ana Carolina Raimundi from Brazil will showcase strategies of how TV companies can address social issues by integrating campaigns into their content

  • Rachel Auty, Founder of Women on Tap striving for equality in the brewery industry

  • Tinuke Awe & Clotilde Abe, founders of Five X More campaigning for change in Black maternal health

  • Gloria Brown, community cohesion expert raising awareness on big feet

Incels: The Hate on Your Feed

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Green Bar

In this session we explore the incel movement and why it continues to gain traction.

We've all seen the increase in misogyny online and watched in horror as it continues to translate in real life, but what exactly is causing the uptick of hate on your feed? In this session we explore the incel movement, how widespread it has become and why it continues to gain traction. From key figures to the impact on marginalised communities, there'll be lots to cover in this eye opening panel discussion on men who hate women.

Speakers include journalist Harriet Hall; Laura Bates, Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project; writer and WOW Programmer Sabeena Akhtar; and Equimundo President and CEO Gary Barker.

What is a Girl Centred Approach?

1.45-2.45pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

Hear from young people leading the fight against gendered violence in their communities.

What does it mean to have a girl-centred approach to tackling gendered violence and how important is it? African based programme Girl Generation join us in person with five young people who are leading the fight against gendered violence in their communities. You'll hear from the girls at the very frontlines, and discover why the voices and experiences of young people must be at the forefront of meaningful change.

Speakers include Psychotherapist and activist Dr Leyla Hussein; Lucy Chebet, End FGM Activist, IREP, Kenya; Sarafina Loriakwe, End FGM/C Activist, Samburu Girls Foundation, Kenya; Muna Isse Mahad, End FGM/C activist, MESAF, Somaliland, Somalia; Adama Diallo, End FGM/C Activist, Senegal; and Lydia Rapankei, End FGM/C activist, Narok County, Kenya.

The Breakup Monologues

1.45-2.45pm, Level 5 Function Room

Come laugh and learn about ‘love’ today in a time of new sexualities, technologies and more.

Come laugh and learn about ‘love’ today in a time of new sexualities, technologies and more.

Award-winning comedian Rosie Wilby shares funny, bizarre and poignant tales of heartbreak and recovery with writer, broadcaster and Sex Education script consultant Alix Fox in a live version of Rosie's acclaimed podcast The Breakup Monologues (also now a book!). Rosie has been obsessively researching the psychology of love for a decade and has even been dubbed the ‘the queen of breakups’ by BBC Radio 4.

Join Rosie and Alix for this heartwarming, heartbreaking and hilarious session – and who knows, maybe you can share some of your breakup stories too??

Sali Hughes in Conversation with Lauren Laverne

3.30-4.30pm, Royal Festival Hall

Don’t miss Sali Hughes in conversation with fellow broadcaster Lauren Laverne.

Join journalist and broadcaster Sali Hughes in conversation with Radio 4’s Desert Island Disc presenter and broadcaster Lauren Laverne about her new book Everything is Washable – with advice on everything from cutting your own fringe to splitting finances with your partner. Expect tips and insight on the big and the small – and everything in between.

Lips Choir

3.30-4.30pm, The Clore Ballroom

Lips perform a sparkling set of beloved pop bangers in The Clore Ballroom.

Expect a massive harmonic pop explosion as Lips, the trans-inclusive women's choir, perform a sparkling set of beloved pop bangers in The Clore Ballroom. Join us, dance and sing along as Lips welcome you into their world. Celebrate community and sing in solidarity and sequins. Expect everything from family favourites to pop classics in this interactive and unmissable bling-along!

Talking to Mum

3.30-4.30pm Foyle Pavilion

Join India Gary-Martin as she talks to her mum, Eileen Cooper Reed, about her lifelong work as an activist and social justice advocate.

In this intimate discussion between mother and daughter, US based CEO & Founder of Leadership For Execs India Gary-Martin talks to her mum Eileen Cooper Reed about her lifelong work as an activist and social justice advocate. For more than 50 years, Eileen dedicated her life to the improvement of the human condition, particularly for children and families of colour whilst raising a family of her own.

Here at WOW, the mother and daughter duo join us all the way from the US to come together to discuss how activism has shaped both of their lives and the inspiration that they take from each other.

How Kindness Can Change Your Life

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Green Bar
Join us for a transformative workshop on kindness and self-belief.

Inspired by the concepts from her bestselling book The Kindness Method, award-winning Behavioural Change Specialist Shahroo Izadi will share simple tools and advice for creating meaningful changes in our lives by building the self-esteem, self-belief and self-awareness we wish upon the people we love most.

Faking It: Deepfakes and Revenge Porn

3.30-4.30pm, Level 4 Blue Bar

A look at the dark world of deepfakes and misinformation.

Many of us have been left gripped by the BBC’s The Capture, where deepfake technology is used to manipulate video footage for political gain. But for women who have been victims of deepfaked porn, this is not a thriller but a living nightmare. For a few pounds, anyone can now pay a bot to alter a happy holiday snap into a nude image with the subject in a sexually exploitative pose. How do we tell what is real anymore in a world of deepfake technology? Join to investigate and uncover this strange new world of misinformation.

Speakers include Jennifer Savin, a multi-award-winning journalist; Folami Prehaye, Founder of Victims of Image Crime; CEO and Founder of Glitch Seyi Akiwowo; and presenter, ex-model and campaigner Jess Davies.

Refusing to be Silenced

3.30-4.30pm, Level 5 Function Room

RAW in WAR (Reach all women in war) return to the festival for the 10th time.

RAW in WAR (Reach all women in war) return to the festival for the 10th time. To mark the anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder on 7 October 2006, and to honour Anna and other women like her in the world, RAW in WAR annually presents the Anna Politkovskaya Award to women journalists and human rights defenders from conflict zones who, like Anna, stand up for the victims of conflict, often at great personal risk. This year the award will be presented at WOW by RAW patron Baroness Helena Kennedy, RAW Founder Mariana Katzarova, 2009 Award winner Leila Alikarami (Iran) and Elena Kudimova, Anna Politkovskaya's sister. The two winners are: Tetiana Sokolova, a courageous midwife from Mariupol in Eastern Ukraine, who helped women deliver babies in the hospital's basement under the constant shelling and bombardment, and Svetlana Gannushkina, a human rights activist from Russia and board member of 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winner "Memorial", who uses her platform to speak out against the war in Ukraine and was detained and tried for staging an anti-war protest on Red Square in Moscow.

WOW Sunday Closing Session

4.40-5.30pm, Royal Festival Hall

WOW Closing:What We Put Up With and Why

We all know it’s often very hard being a woman in the public eye. But it can sometimes feel even harder sticking to feminist principles in our personal lives. How do we admit to ourselves that we regularly drop the feminist ball or have it snatched from our grasp by family, friends, loved ones and colleagues? And what do we do about it? Why do people expect SO much from us in ways that contradict each other? And why do we feel the need to nod and offer to do even more?

In the closing session of the WOW Day Pass, Jude Kelly talks about the rewards of having daily conversation with yourself to help tackle the compromises and conflicts that arise, as we try to march down the path to a glorious future while at the same time as dealing with all the obstacles strewn in our way! This closing session asks for maximum honesty and a big sense of humour.

Plus, as part of this galvanising session, don't miss an in conversation with Marie-Celine Zialor the Minister for Youth, Sports & Family from the Seychelles. Starting in education and personal development, Minister Zialor is now leading the way in Government and will talk about the commitment the Seychelles has made to gender equality - and how it could be a blueprint for the world.

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