About the festival

WOW Festivals in Australia are a celebration of our unique communities, bringing together gender equality advocates from all walks of life. In keeping with WOW Festivals around the world, our events are curated by the communities they serve, through a series of Think Ins.

WOW was first staged in Australia as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival in 2013. It has since taken place in Katherine in the Northern Territory in 2013, 2014 and 2016 at Godinymayin Arts Centre, in Brisbane in 2015 at QUT Gardens Point, and in Melbourne in 2017 at Footscray Arts Centre. WOW @ Festival 2018 was a key part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games cultural program. In 2021-22, WOW Australia held festivals in Charleville, Longreach, Cairns and Logan, as well as our DomestiCITY and Momentum mini-series of events at Brisbane Festival.

WOW Australia's commitment to gender equality is evident in its ongoing efforts, such as the Voices Shaping the Future event in October 2023. This two-day celebration focuses on conversations, performances, and workshops led by and for young women, addressing gender inequality and related injustices. The program includes a National Youth Summit, public Conversation Series, Schools Day, and a concluding concert featuring Spinifex Gum, showcasing the voices of young First Nations women.

The festivals emphasise celebration as a catalyst for optimism, determination, and energy, fostering a belief that positive change is possible. For more information, visit our website to read our her-story and see how we reflect on the impact of the festivals, exhibitions, and events, highlighting the need for continued dialogue, creative expression, and celebration to drive action and change in the ongoing pursuit of gender equality.


About the organisers

Of One Mind, is a cultural enterprise formed by Cathy Hunt & Leigh Tabrett in 2014 to develop & support cultural activities which address or communicate pressing social issues and create lasting cultural change. The continuing issue of focus is the need to create a more gender equal world (as there is no country in the world where women and men are equal) in the belief that it is through gender equality that we will find the solutions to the many other ‘wicked problems’ that the world faces today and make life better for all, women, girls, men and boys.

Of One Mind works in partnership with the WOW Foundation to facilitate the delivery of WOW Festivals and activities in Australia. The organisation also creates and promotes year round cultural activities including those for the UN International Day of the Girl Child (11 October) and DomestiCITY for the Brisbane Festival 2020.

Of One Mind works in partnerships with many stakeholders to deliver its programs and is also a member of ES4W economic Security4Women (eS4W), a national women’s alliance, funded by the Australian Government through the Office for Women in the Commonwealth Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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WOW Festivals and events have taken place in more than 30 locations, reaching five million people on six continents since WOW was founded in 2010.