About the festival

WOW Hargeysa took place as part of the 8th Hargeysa International Book Fair presented by Redsea Cultural Foundation on 1-6 August 2015.

The programme included leading Somaliland women in politics, activism, literature personalities such as activist and researcher Amino-Milgo Mohamed, social activist and award winning Dr. Edna Adan. Celebrating the formidable strength and inventiveness of women and taking a frank look at what prevents them from achieving their potential, WOW Hargeysa was the first WOW Festival in East Africa.

About the organisers

The Redsea Online Cultural Foundation, (RCF) is an organisation based in Somaliland that aims to promote reading and creative writing in Somali speaking society with a particular focus on youth. The organisation gives young people access to world culture by translating internationally renowned classical literature into the Somali language. The Redsea Foundation established the Hargeysa International Book Fair (HIBF) in 2008 and has been a strong advocate for cultural development in Somaliland.

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