About the festival

WOW Rotherham is a vibrant, colourful, bold, fun, and fearless festival celebration of women, girls, trans and non-binary communities, connecting Rotherham to other women and girls across the globe as part of the WOW – Women of the World family. There are different line-up of talks, performances, panel discussions, debates, music, comedy and more.

2022's inaugural festival was a riot of colour, conversation and culture taking place from 16-17th July 2022 at Clifton Park.

2023 brought an even bigger, better and more connected event, enticing folk around the town centre businesses and venues on 10th June. There were opportunities to get involved in discussions about some of the most pressing issues impacting gender equality, such as parenting and childcare, work and skills, diversity and a warm welcome, body positivity, safety, gender identity and sexuality, and mental health and wellbeing. 3000 people attended a variety of workshops, talks and pop-up performances that took place in local businesses, Rotherham Minster and beyond, including an art trail featuring various outdoor performances as well as the world’s first mobile poetry in a burger van, acrobatic theatre performers, Compact Disco and Bootworks Theatre Company.

WOW Rotherham has also seen a team of trainee festival makers aged between 16-25 get involved as part of the WOWsers programme which aims to help tackle the challenges of gender inequality through arts and creative careers.


About the organisers

WOW Rotherham is co-created by Flux Rotherham, Children's Capital of Culture and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in partnership with The WOW Foundation.

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