Jude Kelly stands on stage

Grandchildren come with all the joy and less responsibility - or do they? With sky high childcare fees, an increasing number of single parents needing support and a history that tells us it’s often grandmothers - and not grandfathers - who will look after the grandkids, how do older women prevent themselves becoming trapped as unpaid childminders, and losing the chance to finally put themselves first?

What expectations does society and our own children set for the grandmother role and how difficult do we find it to set boundaries without feeling guilty ?

Join this discussion led by WOW Founder and new-ish grandmother of two Jude Kelly, to hear from the frontline of grandmotherhood, the joys and challenges of grandparenting, and what we can learn from each other.

This session is primarily for grandmothers, but we welcome others to come and hear the discussion, in preparation for grandmotherdom - or to rethink their own attitudes.

Whether you’re having this conversation for the first time, or you came to the brilliant Grandmothers session in March 2021 and want to continue the discussion - join us!

This event will take place on Zoom as a Zoom meeting. You will be sent joining details before the event.

This event will be Captioned by Stagetext. BSL interpretation is available upon request. If you require this service, please email access@thewowfoundation.com and we will do our best to accommodate, subject to availability.

You’ll be part of a large group led by Jude - but do book early to secure a place!

This event is part of WOW UK 2021 Revisited - a very special digital programme offering people worldwide a second chance to explore some of WOW’s International Women’s Day Programme of groundbreaking In Conversations and interactive workshops. There’s everything from mental health to activism during Covid, and from being a grandmother to being an artist in a pandemic (or both!). Find out about The WOW Foundation and its work year-round to fight gender inequality here.

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