Kimberlé Crenshaw In Conversation

Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term ‘Intersectionality’ in 1989, and #SayHerName campaign she fights for the forgotten women who have died at the hands of police. At a time where the world grapples to answer the ongoing call for the Black Lives Matter movement, and we see the Black community disportionately impacted by Covid 19, Kimberlé Crenshaw joins us at WOW to share her story, ideas, passions and campaigns - and the changes she wants to see.

Kimberlé will be in conversation with WOW’s Founder and Director Jude Kelly.

The event will feature a performance by a WOW Sounds artist. Don't miss an incredible performance by singer-songwriter and cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson whose recent release Rise Up, featuring Akala, has become a revolutionary anthem for young Black people;

This event will have BSL interpretation and digital captioning.

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About the speakers

Kimberlé Crenshaw is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum, the host of the podcast Intersectionality Matters!, the moderator of the webinar series Under The Blacklight, and a Professor of Law at UCLA and Columbia Law School. She is popularly known for her development of “intersectionality,” “critical race theory,” and the #SayHerName Campaign, and is a leading authority on Civil Rights, Black feminist legal theory, and race, racism and the law.

Jude Kelly is the Founder and Director of The WOW Foundation, which runs WOW - Women of the World Festivals and the former Artistic Director of London’s Southbank Centre. Jude Kelly has directed over 200 theatre and opera productions, founded a range of arts institutions and has commissioned and supported the work of thousands of artists across all genres.