Online: Drawing Breath with Tania Kovats & Jane Sassienie

Come and draw breath at this very special session at WOW led by Tania Kovats and Jane Sassienie.

When you pause, take a breath and draw, you are giving time and space to yourself. Breathing and drawing together, even digitally, connects us. It shows us new ways to be together and be present in yourself. These practices both help us communicate, celebrate, be curious, find clarity, and see the beauty of small things.

This is an opportunity to take some restorative time for yourself through a simple mindful breathing practice and make an accompanying drawing where the drawing marks your presence.

Come as you are. No drawing skill or experience is necessary, and no meditation or mindfulness experience is necessary. (If you have meditation or drawing experience, that’s fine too). Expect to feel present, relaxed and connected afterwards.

Bring any pen, biro, or pencil, any piece of paper, your attention and your time, and enjoy Jane and Tania guiding you through the rest.

Jane and Tania will lead a 35 minute drawing and breathing workshop, followed by a short conversation between Jane and Tania about the benefits of simple practices, everyday mindfulness, conscious breathing and making drawings without judgement, as practices that offer you resilience and clarity.

Jane and Tania both understand these things have the potential to support personal evolution that encourages positive change as they build empathy, intuition and the courage to be yourself.

Everyone is welcome!

This discussion will take place on Zoom.

This is a Drawing Correspondence event at WOW. In 2021, Tania Kovats, Anita Taylor and Chloe Briggs made Drawing Correspondence - a series of Online Programs to connect and empower people through drawing. You can follow them on Instagram @Drawing_Correspondence

Want to draw but not sure where to start? Drawing Correspondence have created these special Drawing Prompts to get you going: Drawing Breath, Drawing Reflections and Looking Back (you can also download them below).

This event is part of WOW UK Festival 2022, our week-long digital programme of groundbreaking In Conversations and interactive workshops.

For this year’s festival, we are offering audiences the chance to pay what they can, with tickets for events starting from £1. If you’re able to pay a higher ticket price, your contribution will include a donation to help WOW continue its work fighting for gender equality all year-round.

WOW London’s in person festival takes place at Southbank Centre from 11-13 March. Check out the line-up here.

About the speakers

Tania Kovats is an artist, writer, and educator who is Professor of Drawing at the University of Dundee. Both are lifelong meditators and their paths have aligned in Drawingbreath.me. Tania is also part of Drawing Correspondence, with Anita Taylor and Chloe Briggs - a series of Online Programs to connect and empower people through drawing. Find Tania on Instagram @Kovats66

Jane Sassienie is co-owner of the global consultancy Bridge Partnership developing leaders in many sectors all over the world. Jane’s first degree was in art, leading on to her studying organisational change and psychotherapy. You can find Jane on LinkedIn.

Drawing Prompts