WOW Australia 2024 Biloela Think In

WOW Australia is back for 2024 and will be holding a Festival in Biloela!

In preparation, WOW will be hosting a series of Think Ins to discuss what matters most, discover the heart of the community, and celebrating the achievements of women and girls across the region! We would like to hear about the gender issues affecting your life today and your hopes and concerns for the future. We are also asking for your unique insight into the issues affecting your community and the sector you are connected to such as health, education, business or the arts.

Join in the Think In and help shape the WOW Festival in Biloela for 2024!

Hotel Settlers, 58 Dawson Hwy, Biloela
18th February 2024, 6:00pm

Gladstone City Library, Meeting Room 39
22nd February 2024, 6:00pm

For More Information email info@wowaustralia.com.au

The WOW Foundation works in partnership with amazing women and organisations to create WOW Festivals across the world. The WOW organisers in each location ensure the content is created by the local community for the local community. While each festival is different in its own wonderful, unique way, there are elements that stay consistent at every WOW Festival wherever you are in the world; from the WOW Marketplace to Under 10's Feminist Corners.

In the past decade, the WOW movement has grown from its London beginnings to find homes everywhere from Beijing and Kathmandu to Baltimore and Brisbane.

To date, there have been more than 100 festivals and events across six continents, reaching more than five million people from thousands of women in favelas at WOW Rio to Territory women at WOW Katherine.