WOW Marketplace

Every WOW - Women of the World Festival around the globe has a WOW Marketplace. For WOW Global 24 we are taking it online for the first time ever, supporting and providing a platform for women led business.

The UK organisations have been curated by Janet's List, with additional global contributions from WOW Festival partners all over the world. Janet's List is a curated platform founded by Janet Oganah that helps people discover and buy from independent brands by Black women and women of colour from the UK.

Please click on the links below and explore and support these amazing initiatives. Each organisation has also come up with actions that you can take - right now - to make a difference. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Curated by Janet's List

Janet’s List is a curated platform that uses innovative approaches to connect consumers with brands by Black women and women of colour from the UK. They do this through unique pop up concept stores in mainstream city locations, strategic retail partnerships and their direct-to-consumer website. Here's Janet's Lists actions:

1. Choose to buy from 30 female and Black-owned brands on Janet's List.

2. Learn the honest truth about money and mindset from Black women and women of colour on our award-nominated podcast Making Money Moves. Plus you can help an independent brand gain practical knowledge on how to get into retail by gifting them this JL online course.

3. Help an independent business create and launch a pop shop by gifting this practical online course by Janet’s List

Shop now and follow Janet's List on Instagram.


BetterShared is a leading platform to discover some of the world’s most exciting emerging African artists. Decorate your home with contemporary art from Africa’s thriving art hubs, both on the continent and across the diaspora. Each time you buy art on BetterShared, your investment is supporting these talented artists. Here's their three actions:

1. Directly support Black artists around the world by purchasing art on BetterShared.

2. You can also help an emerging artist gain recognition by sharing a link to their artist page on BetterShared.

3. Plus encourage body positivity in womxn by gifting a ticket to our artist-led workshop.

Sign up at BetterShared.co and follow on Instagram.

Book Love

Book Love is a Multicultural Travelling Book Carnival which travels the country raising awareness around the lack of Multicultural content on the high street and in schools. They take books into communities all over the UK to help people of all ages access great reading materials for adults and children.

They do this with world music, world flags, dolls and a wide range of art and craft to bring diverse and culturally inclusive materials to life. Here's Book Love's actions:

1. Buy a children's book with a Black boy on the front cover from www.thisisbooklove.com

2. Click here to make a donation to the 'BookLove Gofund me page' to help them raise enough funds to give free boxes of multicultural books to schools

3. Soft mentor or share your network with a person of any age by introducing them to 10 other people of 'influence' from your own networks, who may help them achieve their own goals and dreams.

Shop at Book Love now and follow them on Instagram.

Climate in Colour

Joycelyn Longdon is a 22-year-old soon to be PhD Student applying AI to Climate Change at Cambridge University with a particular focus on empowering indigenous peoples and communities in "developing" countries.

She is also the creator of Climate In Colour, a platform created at the intersection of climate and social justice, to make conversations around climate change more inclusive, accessible and interesting. Here's their actions:

Subscribe to:

1. My weekly newsletter

2. The Climate in Colour Reading Group. Climate In Colour Reads is a space to explore Climate Literature in an accessible and immersive way, for those who want to dive deeper into the climate space, its issues, and history, but are daunted by the prospect.

3. For The Colonial History of ClimateWorkshop, an interactive community workshop experience exploring the interconnectedness of climate, science, and European Imperialism.

Find out more and follow Climate In Colour on Instagram.

Dialogue Books

Dialogue Books, spearheaded by publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove, is home to a variety of stories from illuminating voices often excluded from the mainstream.

Dialogue Books shines a spotlight on stories for, about and by readers from the LGBTQI+, disability, working class and BAME communities.

The imprint has a clear focus on distinctive, cross-genre titles that spark a conversation across fiction, non-fiction, commercial and literary publishing

Shop now and follow on Instagram.

Girl’s Talk London

Girls Talk London is an award-winning agency that connects women with global businesses to empower them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in work and life via bespoke programmes, events and digital content.

Established in 2013, Girls Talk London works closely with global businesses to connect them with female talent to address the under-representation of women in sectors such as technology and the financial services. The agency has an online community of over 44,000 women and has directly impacted 1800 women in the UK. Here's their actions:

1. Join our community by signing up to our mailing list

2. Commit to connecting a woman in your network with an opportunity whether that is via an introduction to a contact, giving advice, sending an article or job, or anything that will support their career and life development

3. Learn from global CEOs, entrepreneurs and influencers on the secrets to their success and their career journey's on our podcast The after work drinks club"

Follow Girl's Talk London on Instagram.

Home Girls Unite

Home Girls Unite is a support group for eldest daughters from immigrant families. We aim to empower these women, who were forced to become adults before their time, to put themselves first and start taking the necessary steps to take back control of their own lives. We run monthly events and a weekly podcast that tackles a range of topics including anxiety and setting boundaries. Here's their actions:

1. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign: our aim is to support 500 immigrant daughters gain access to therapy and wellbeing sessions by December 2021.

2. Subscribe to our weekly podcast

3. Join our community by signing up to our newsletter

Find out more here and Follow Home Girls Unite on Instagram.

rainchq HQ

rainchq was set up to help women take control of their financial futures. It does this through financial education, group financial coaching and 1:1 qualified and regulated financial advice. Follow @rainchq on all platforms. Here's the actions:

1. Get clear on your goals - the only way to measure success is to know what you're striving towards in the first place - download your free financial goalsetting worksheet by signing up to the Rainchq mailing list

2. Build a rainy day fund. There are great tools that enable you to easily auto-save what's left over at the end of each month via your current account.

3. Think long-term - don't panic if you don't have a retirement fund but keep it on your radar for future and don't be afraid to invest! And if you could use some help whipping your finances into shape, check out our group coaching programme designed to do just that.

Find out more here and follow Rainchq HQ on Instagram.

Live Three Sixty

Live Three Sixty is run Tamu Thomas - they loves roller skating, hugging trees and spotting faces in clouds. Tamu is a trauma-informed transformational somatic coach who helps women 40+ befriend themselves, and take radical responsibility for creating a life that feels good internally and externally.

Tamu's uses an integrated approach including social work, somatic coaching, positive psychology, and neuroscience to help clients soothe and calm their central nervous system so they can connect with and trust their own innate wisdom. This helps people feel safe to be the best version of who they really are within themselves, their interpersonal relationships and at work. Here's Live Three Sixty's actions:

1. Commit to making time to taking care of your needs daily, this contributes to soothing and calming your central nervous system and helps you to become more empathetic, resilient and fulfilled.

2. Go to bed earlier! Rested women are powerful, burnt-out women are more likely to autopilot which generally means doing what feels easy in the moment.

3. Connect with me on social media @livethreesixty for practical, nurturing and nuanced holistic wellness.

Find out more now and Follow Live Three Sixty on Instagram.

Round Table Books

Round Table Books is an inclusion-led bookshop in the heart of Brixton dedicated to the representation of diverse characters in children's books.

The shop sells books for ages 0-18, and also has a carefully curated section of adult books so there's something for everyone. Heres Round Table Books' actions:

1. Support a Black owned indie kids bookshop that is committed to providing a safe space for all children to feel represented and seen.

2. Commit your voice to the shout that inclusive kids books are what the industry needs more of.

3. Sharing the work of Round Table Books and the events we run with those you know need resources for the young people in their lives

Shop now and Follow Round Table Books on Instagram.


Founders Kalkidan and Vidmantas founded Sancho’s in 2014.

They found their inspiration through travelling to developing countries such as Ethiopia where the saw, first hand, the effects of the fast fashion industry.

Sancho’s is committed to bringing ethical and sustainable brands to customers looking to make a positive change and to provide more options for conscious individuals.

Shop now and follow them on Instagram.

Savvy Start Up Club

Irene Moore is the founder of digital agency DM London and female business mentoring company Savvy Startup Club, and a passionate start-up mentor for Virgin Startup. Savvy Startup Club is a mentoring platform on a mission to help female founders experience financial independence through entrepreneurship.

Membership to the club is free and includes weekly virtual meet-ups and monthly expert-led masterclasses on everything from ‘how to start a business’ to how to get your brand noticed by the media’. Members also receive special offers on all Savvy Startup Courses. Here's their actions:

1. Join the weekly Savvy Startup small biz virtual meetup ‘Coffee + Connect’ and join the next free webinar hosted by Virgin Startup

2. Tune in to the Savvy Startup Podcast and be inspired by other female founders

3. Get started on your dream business by downloading your free Business Plan Template + Video Guide

Find out more and follow Savvy Start Up Club on Instagram.

The 4Front Project

The 4Front Project is a member-led youth organisation empowering young people and communities to fight for justice, peace and freedom.

They support members with experiences of violence and the criminal justice system to create change; in their own lives, communities and society.

There are building a powerful youth-led movement to transform the way peace and justice are understood by centring healing rather than punishment.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.

The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation source, package and hand deliver free gifts and support packs to adult cancer patients in hospital every week – items they might find difficult to buy themselves or simply cannot afford.

It can be a sad, frightening and lonely experience for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, and for many people in hospital, The Lewis Foundation's volunteers are their only regular visitors. Here's their actions:

1. Donate to our charity which supports Black people going through cancer treatment by providing free gifts and support.

2. Volunteer your time and join The Lewis Foundation's award-winning, community led charity to support others at their time of need

Find out more here and follow the The Lewis Foundation on Instagram.

Triple Cripples

Triple Cripples was created by Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi. It is a ground-breaking platform, created to increase visibility & highlight the narratives of Black & non-Black Women, Femmes & Non-Binary People of Colour, living with disabilities – whose stories would otherwise remain hidden from view. Here's their actions:

1. Redistribution of Wealth: make it a monthly practice to redistribute a percentage of your monthly company profits, personal salaries & bonuses to: Black Archives, Black Researchers, Black Community Organisations, Black Activists, Black Academics, Black Artists, Black Legal Aid Funds and Black Hardship/Relief Funds.

2. Redistribution of Power: everyone (yes, including men) should actively support the #EqualPower campaign. Especially in facilitating pathways for Black women, femmes and non binary people, to take up space in the political arena. Encourage and practically support them to campaign, with your resources, connections, time, votes and money!

3. Redistribution of Control: Deliberately make all your ad campaigns, marketing initiatives, editorials, film commissions & series commissions representative of the world majority - firmly including those within the margins (Black, Disabled, Queer, Non-Binary, Trans). Ensure that Disabled Femmes and Non-Binary People of Colour are in decision making roles, at all levels.

Find out more here and follow Triple Cripples on Instagram.


Your Startup, Your Story (YSYS) is a diverse start-up community for founders, developers, creatives, investors and more on a mission to make a difference. At YSYS, they know that amazing things can happen when people start sharing ideas and collaborating. Their community is a space for people with shared values interested in launching a startup, joining a team or building a diverse and inclusive culture.

Their purpose is to open doors of opportunity for diverse talent within the tech ecosystem through partnership driven employment and entrepreneurial programmes. Their mission is to equip diverse talent with the tools and resources to thrive within the tech ecosystem, so that they can contribute to an equitable economy, which welcomes all individuals to participate. Since 2017, they have provided access to opportunities in tech for over 10,000 diverse individuals and hope to reach 100,000 by 2023. Their actions are:

1. Join YSYS Community Advocates, be part of a movement taking action, and create opportunities for overlooked groups in tech

2. Diversify your pipeline, look beyond your immediate network You can post on YSYS free jobs board here

3. Mentor and share your stories with others. You can read inspirational stories from YSYS community here

Find out more here and follow YSYS on Instagram.

Nominated by WOW Festivals


Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina was born from the desire of Warningakalina elders to address the need to build culture and capability across the archipelago to positively impact the livelihoods of women, children and families.

Groote Eylandt communities suffer from the effects of poor health and life expectancy, low school attendance, low employment and safety standards, and high rates of crime and domestic violence. In response to this, Anindilyakwa Services Aboriginal Corporation (ASAC) introduced the Bush Medijina program to strengthen values, knowledge, culture, and community wellbeing.

Governed by an all-female board, 80% of its team are indigenous, and 100% percent of its team are women. We create regular governance, leadership and women’s advocacy opportunities for our team and the wider community throughout the year.

Find out more here and follow Bush Medijina on Instagram.

Open House West End

A boutique retail space in Brisbane, Open House West End showcases an eclectic array of vintage clothing, slow fashion, local makers and designers, Aboriginal art and products. Its online store stocks our popular items but they specialise in one off handmade products that can be found through its Instagram.

There is fashion, jewellery, homewares, body products, pantry items and gifts. Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and products are ethically sourced and made by independent artists, small businesses, as well as Art Centres from across Australia. Open House is primarily a retail store, but the creative team transforms the space into a gallery for exciting one night only exhibitions throughout the year, making this a uniquely dynamic and energetic community venue like no other.

Find out more here and follow Open House West End on Instagram.


Raben Beads

RabenBeads creates modern handcrafted accessories from simply designed earrings and bangles to uniquely designed necklaces.

They have eEmbellished their beadwork into a modern contemporary style. Raben Beads was founded in 2014 by the Kelabit Lady from Kampung Long Napir, Limbang Sarawak.

The Kelabit are an indigenous Dayak people of the Sarawak/North Kalimantan highlands of Borneo with a minority in the neighbouring state of Brunei.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.

Earth Heir

EARTH HEIR® works with over 140 artisans from women’s cooperatives, indigenous tribes and refugee groups, across six states of Malaysia.

By combining traditional artisanal skills with modern, contemporary design, Earth Heir is a true celebration of Malaysia’s varied heritage art forms and unique cultural narratives.

Earth Heir is also proudly fair trade certified with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). As a social enterprise, they reinvest the majority of its profits to achieve their mission and grow impact among the artisans we serve.

Find out more here and follow Earth Heir on Instagram.


Ediye by Pdbraide

Ediye by Pdbraide is a jewelry and giftware brand based in Nigeria. It weaves Nigerian materials, gemstones, and stories into handmade jewelry and other items.

Ediye by Pdbraide also curates vintage and traditional items of different kinds from master artisans around the country from the past or present.

Pamela Diepriye Braide, an escaped Architect and designer is the Founder of Ediye by Pdbraide.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.


Polly & Other Stories

Polly & Other Stories is Pakistan's first e-commerce and brick-and-mortar platform store for unique, handmade products sourced directly from artisans and small businesses from across the country.

Its social enterprise stocks an eclectic and diverse range of handmade products from hand-blended beard oil to hand-embroidered handbags made by small businesses, artists and artisans; and is changing the narrative around handmade in Pakistan

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.

Sri Lanka

Urban Island

Urban Island initially started as 'The Island Craft Project', founded by Sri Lankan entrepreneur Linda Speldewinde in the year 2007 as a post-tsunami rebuilding initiative where she and the team worked with cottage-level artisans.

Today Urban Island partners with rural artisans in Sri Lanka to produce high quality hand-made homeware and textiles. Its beautifully-designed product line includes placemats and table linen, cushion covers, basketry, hand-turned wood boards and bowls and forged steel objects.

Urban Island helps to provide dignified home-based employment for skilled artisans, many of whom are women.

Find out more here and follow Urban Island on Instagram.


Mor Cati (Purple Roof) Women's Shelter Foundation

The Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation was established in 1990 by feminists in order to combat violence against women. At Mor Çatı, the work against male violence is grounded in feminist principles, aiming for women to be able to build lives unhindered by gender-based discrimination and male violence under free and equal conditions.

The shelter hold workshops with women’s organisations, civil society organisations (NGOs), bar associations and municipalities active in combating violence in order to share its information and experiences in the field. They strive for women to be able to lead free and independent lives, targeting the patriarchy through campaigns and actions, in collaboration with national and international women’s organisations.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.


The Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation (WLICF) is the first and only women-centred library and archive in Turkey. It was founded in Istanbul by a group of feminist scholars and professionals - Aslı Davaz, Füsun Akatlı, Füsun Ertuğ, Jale Baysal, and Şirin Tekel-i - and opened to the public on 14 April, 1990.

Because libraries and archives centres in general do not have an acquisition policy regarding the women’s movement documents in Turkey, large quantities of ephemeral material regarding the women’s movement is only kept by the Women’s Library. The institution frames and constitutes the memory of women and the women’s movement, and the growth of library's collection is parallel to the development of the feminist consciousness in Turkey.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram.

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