WOW Pakistan 2024

WOW Pakistan is back for 2024!

WOW Pakistan is an ode to the strength, perseverance and reserve of Pakistani women. Pakistan has a vibrant feminist history and the WOW festival showcases the strides women and girls are making in the fields of technology, climate change, entrepreneurship, architecture, access to public spaces and so much more.

This year, for the 7th WOW Festival in Pakistan, we are dedicating the event to all our friends with the theme Sakhiyan. Through our festival programming, we are looking at friendship in literature, art, film, how it unfolds in the digital space and forms the web of our lived realities. Friends, sisters, companions – our sakhis, humjholis, behenain, dost, yaar aur pyaar. The festival explores friendship as space to be yourself, friendship as the third space and friendship as the foundational backbone of our support systems. We envision female friendship as a space to dream, to imagine, to build an alternative reality where women are free to exist outside the bounds of the roles they are expected to fulfil. Be they messy, flawed, honest and maddeningly loving, our friends help us in seeing what freedom to be ourselves without judgement can look like.

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The WOW Foundation works in partnership with amazing women and organisations to create WOW Festivals across the world. The WOW organisers in each location ensure the content is created by the local community for the local community. While each festival is different in its own wonderful, unique way, there are elements that stay consistent at every WOW Festival wherever you are in the world; from the WOW Marketplace to Under 10's Feminist Corners.

In the past decade, the WOW movement has grown from its London beginnings to find homes everywhere from Beijing and Kathmandu to Baltimore and Brisbane.

To date, there have been more than 100 festivals and events across six continents, reaching more than five million people from thousands of women in favelas at WOW Rio to Territory women at WOW Katherine.