The author Laura Bates stands at a lectern at the WOW Festival

Laura Bates launches WOW Presents

7 Mar 2022

Blog Post

Best-selling author and activist Laura Bates will discuss her new book Fix the System, Not the Women at our launch WOW Presents, a new series of year-round WOW digital events.

Laura, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, will join us live on 19th May in conversation with Jude Kelly for the exclusive digital launch of her explosive book - a blazing examination of how our systems fail women, and a rallying cry for reform.

If you’re impatient for change, looking for insight, analysis, and to deepen your understanding of why our systems fail us and what we can do about it, join us. There is so much happening in the world with misogyny and sexism at every turn, and Laura will expose the systemic prejudice at the heart of five key institutions in our society - Education, Politics, Media, Policing and Criminal Justice.

Tickets for the event start at just £3, and you can add a copy of the book from the event's book partner, The Feminist Bookshop.

Book your ticket now here.

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