The WOW Podcast reading list: Finance

4 Nov 2021

Blog Post

Series 2 of The WOW Podcast with Jude Kelly launches today, supported by The WOW Foundation's Global Founding Partner Bloomberg. Hosted by Jude Kelly, this six-part series will take listeners on a journey to discover how the often hidden forces of tech, media and finance shape women’s lives.

To take your journey further, we'll be creating a reading list on each of the three subjects, including links to subjects discussed and more. First up is Finance!

We spoke to the following guests on episode 1: Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua, “Invisible WomanCaroline Criado Perez, Selina Flavius from Black Girl Finance, Olga Miller from female financial platform Smartpurse and Jennifer Rademaker from WOW's Global Partner MasterCard to find out.

On Episode 2, you'll hear from: Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua, Arlene Isaacs-Lowe from Moody's Corporation, pioneer and champion for the UK's global FinTech industry Alistair Lukies and Inga Beale, former CEO of Lloyd's of London.

Listen to Episode 1 here

Listen to Episode 2 here

Finance Reading List

Invisible Women - Exposing a Data Bias in a World Designed for Men- Caroline Criado Perez

Organisations helping women with Finance:


Money and Mental Health

Black Girl Finance

“Winning with Women” Report - Winne Cheng and Alex Wright, Kantar

Women and money:

Wealth Tax and Gender Report - Robert Palmer, Tax Justice

Women being financially dependant on their partner - Eir Nolsoe, YouGov

MakeMoneyEqual - Starlingbank

Anne Boden: The story behind Starling - Anna Moore, The Guardian

Fidelity Women Report

Women in Financial Services:

Research on Women in Financial Services

Female Manager Outperformance - Jacob Wolinsky, Forbes

Women in Financial Services - STEM Women

Few Women in Finance - Sarah Chandler, Investopedia

5 Things About Women In Finance - Forbes

Women and payrises:

Women and No Pay Rise - Anne Stych, Biz Women

Men and High Pay Rise - Lauren Brown, People Management

Black Women and Professional Services - Financial Times

Female Entrepreneurship Review - Alison Rose

Investing in Women Code - GOV UK

Women in Finance Charter Review - Yasmine Chinwala, Jennifer Barrow and Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, GOV UK

Gender Pension Gap - Legal & General Group

Women Entrepreneurs:

Credit Gap - Women Entrepreneurs - Moody's CSR

Billionaires in China wanting Women FAs - Rebecca Tomes, IFA Magazine

Venture Capital funding/gap:

Women in Venture Capital

UK's potential £250bn female-led investment boost - Tom Houghton, Business Live

Why Is Global VC Funding For Women On The Decline? - Anna Codrea-Rado, The Stack

Financial Services, Women and Leadership - Deloitte

Women CEOs:

Hampton-Alexander Report - FTSE Women Leaders

Female CEOs on 2021’s Fortune 500 - Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune

Women Count 2021 Report

Evolution of Women’s Leadership - Sally Helgesen, Strategy+Business

Economics male-dominated - Financial Times

Economic/Feminist Theory - Jane Gleeson-White, The Guardian

Financial Education for Women:

Smart Purse

Black Girl Finance

Mastercard Girls4tech

FinTech and Women:

Financial Inclusion - Altfi

Female Finance Leadership - William Girling, FinTech Magazine

Women and Crypto Currency:

Gender and Cryptocurrency - Laura Wronski and Jon Cohen, CNBC

Female Bitcoin Traders - Isabelle Lee, Markets Insider

Women in Crypto - Julia Magas, Coin Telegraph

Women in Crypto and Ascension - Adriana P, Fin Extra

Women, Finance and Covid:

Women, Finance, and Covid-19 - Oliver Wyman

Gender Gap and Effects of the Pandemic - Shelley Zalis, Forbes

Women Out of the Workforce - Kweilin Ellingrud and Liz Hilton Segel, Fortune

Building back better - building economies with a gender lens:

Feminist Recovery From COVID-19 - Ciara Nugent, Time

Intersection of Feminist Economics - Isha Prakash and Tamanna Meghrajani, LSE

Why Women’s Leadership Matter - Amanda Ellis, ILA Global Network

COVID-19’s Impact on Women’s Employment - Mckinsey & Company

Gender Pay Gap:

Gender Pay Gap - Neil Callanan, Bloomberg

Coronavirus and Gender Equality - Fawcett Society

Gender Pay Gap in the Financial Sector - F. Norrestad, Statista

Women in the Boardroom - Joanna Partridge, The Guardian

Gender Pay Gap in Banking and Finance Report - Willian Wright, New Financial

Maggie Lena Walker - Charlene Rhinehart, Black Enterprise


Deutsche Bank - Women is Senior Roles - Financial Times

New Corporate Board Diversity Policy - Jack Kelly, Forbes