Watch WOW Kaohsiung online

11 Nov 2021

Blog Post

The first ever WOW Kaohsiung is taking place now, organised by the city's National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying. Featuring a mix of online and in person events, the organisers have offered UK audiences the chance to tune in with English translation.

Running until 14 November, you can watch any of the free events via a special link. Explore the programme here to plan your viewing - all events are GMT+8.

Taiwan's first WOW Festival is centred around the core ideas of #ConnectedDialogue, #EmpathyThroughTransposition, and #CelebratoryCocreation. Over the festival more than 30 events take place, including lectures, workshops, discussions and more. All in an effort to break the shackles of convention, tear off gender labels, and allow the public to explore how to truly make gender equality a reality.

The venue's General and Artistic Director Chien Wen-Pin said: “Having been held for ten years in over 30 cities on six continents, the WOW Festival is an event that influences gender issues around the globe. This year, Weiwuying has brought the festival to Taiwan. Through art and a variety of programs, attendees will be able to embrace and gain a better understanding of each other. May all of the women and girls who attend the event leave with a full sense of self-confidence and empowerment and in turn use it to influence more people and create a gender-friendly world.”

To link the festival to the host city of Kaohsiung this year, beginning in March, Weiwuying held five WOW Think Ins, where people of different professions, levels of education, ages, and genders came together to brainstorm and speak freely about the current state of gender roles in society.

The resulting festival includes sessions on professionals women in the sports sector who have stepped past the invisible gender boundary, a workshop to learn how to use essential oils to massage the body and soul, a theatre performance that invites elderly women to share their stories and a talk with one of the first female puppeteers in Taiwan.

As well as the public programme, The WOW Foundation team from the UK and WOW festival leaders from around the world are coming together for an Academy for Creative Producers, to share learnings about using art for social change.

Find out more about WOW Kaohsiung here.