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Watch WOW's free International Women's Day 2021 programme of events

17 Mar 2021

Blog Post

For International Women’s Day 2021, WOW presented a free programme of events released throughout the day, all of which celebrate and explore female leadership across the world.

These events are now all available to watch for free on our YouTube or below.

Hear from WOW Festivals around the world; ; explore why women's voices (and data) need to be heard now with the Global Count; and discover who is leading on finding solutions to climate change with SheChangesClimate; hear from journalist, author, producer and lifelong advocate for women and girls Pat Mitchell; and imagine a rape free world with Shameless.

WOW Rotherham x Women of Hope
WOW Rotherham in partnership with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Following on from the Women of Hope events last October as part of Black History Month, WOW Rotherham and WOW celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day with a panel of women discussing gender inequality, representation and leadership within communities across the borough. Hosted by Jude Kelly, Founder of the Women of the World – WOW and WOW Foundation, the panel shared stories of life in Rotherham from the perspectives of five women with very different backgrounds and cultures, tackling issues of prejudice, misinformation, cultural pride and heritage and community cohesion.

Becoming A Dangerous Woman with Pat Mitchell

Join WOW Founder Jude Kelly in conversation with one of her heroes - Pat Mitchell. Pat is an award-winning journalist from the US, a producer and a life-long advocate for women and girls all over the world. Here they talk aging, solidarity and resistance - and joy, too.

Around the world with WOW: Taiwan, Bangladesh, Australia

Join WOW direct from Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Brisbane Australia with stories from creating WOW festivals locally, in very different contexts. These three WOW festivals are starting to be able to create ‘in person’ events - come and hear how they’re doing it.

Around the world with WOW: Turkey, Nepal and Brazil

Join WOW direct from Istanbul, Turkey, Nepal,and Favela de Maré in Rio de Janeiro Brazil to hear about how coronavirus has changed their lives, how they find their optimism, and their digital WOW festivals this March.

Girls Resisting at the Frontline of the Pandemic
Brought to you by With and For Girls

Listen to girls, young women and non-binary activists sharing the experiences of the past year, why their organising is critical and why it's important to put girls at the centre.

Hosted by Purposeful’s Josephine Kamara, this 45-minute powerful conversation session draws together six womxn across Palestine, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, India and Kenya. Together they spotlight their activism and challenges, and they imagine a feminist future.

Around the world with WOW: Pakistan and New York City

Join WOW direct from Pakistan and New York’s legendary Apollo Theatre to hear about their work, what’s driving them and their digital WOW festivals this March.

Shameless! Moving towards a rape free world

Can we imagine a rape free world? Do we dare to imagine something that we don’t know how to achieve? And what do we already know about how to get there?

Join Jude Kelly as she discusses these ideas with author and activist Winnie M Li, writer and academic Jo Bourke and activist Marai Larasi.

Now or Never: The Urgent Need for Data on ALL Women
In partnership with the Global Count and WomeninDev

Authorities warn that in 2020, we risked losing a generation or more of gains towards gender equality. In 2021, the way governments rebuild post-pandemic must prioritise women's needs. As our world braces for a global reset, it is now or never to call for women’s voices to be centred—but how? This event brings together amazing thinkers for an in-depth discussion on the tangible ways in which we can put women and gender-diverse people at the centre of the global reset.

Letters Live from the Archive: International Women's Day Special
Brought to you by Letters Live

Letters Live released a special International Women’s Day film from the Archive.

This special video features standout performances from women such as Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson, Rose McGowan, Daisy Ridley and Caitlin Moran reading letters by women, about women and to women, to shine a light on the continued global fight for gender equality.

SHEChangesClimate: Women as Champions of Solutions
Brought to you by SHEChangesClimate

Who are the champions of solutions for the climate and biodiversity challenge? Listen to these four global changemakers talk about their personal journey, women that inspired them and what they want to see the climate and biodiversity conferences to deliver this year. More than ever do we want to see women transforming the conversation and policy and taking practical action to create a better future for our planet.