Jude Kelly and Angela Davis sit on stage

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  1. Ruby Wax: And Now for the Good News

    When was the last time that reading the news made you feel good?
    Come and join Ruby for an hour of optimism - including a…
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  2. Refusing to be Silenced

    In the midst of lockdown, when growing authoritarianism threatens to silence the voices of truth and justice, meet the women who risk their…
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  3. Sex in Lockdown

    Are sex and social distancing unnatural bedfellows? From having more to wanting more, and from doing it yourself to abstaining completely - we have…
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  4. Workshop: How To Be An Active Bystander

    Witnessed violence but didn’t know how to react? We all have the capacity to be someone who does something in the face of inequality in all of its…
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  5. Workshop: Female Friendships

    Do you have a Thelma to your Louise? Friendships are some of the most important relationships in our lives. As best friends come and go, and the nature…
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  6. Workshop: From Intersectionality to #SayHerName

    Workshop: From Intersectionality to #SayHerName - The radical love of Black feminist politics
    Join this discussion, led by…
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    When Where’s My Vagina? collective asked Jessi…
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  8. Workshop: Everyone’s An Artist with Bryony Kimmings

    As children we all draw, sing and make pretend. At some point for most of us those urges are either schooled out or forgotten to the daily grind. Yet…
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  9. Workshop: BSL Cookalong with Yvonne Cobb of Yumma Food

    Join founder of Yumma Food, Yvonne Cobb, dubbed…
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  10. Workshop: All Cisterns Go - Plumbing with WOW

    It's not a pipe dream, do it yourself! In this workshop, come and learn the basics of plumbing, so that you can sort easy problems yourself at home,…
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