How we do it

The WOW methodology has been refined over 10 years and 65 events. It is an approach used across the world and has built the movement that exists today.

WOW is a festival because celebration creates optimism, optimism creates determination and energy, and that makes you feel like anything is possible. It’s for anybody who is thinking about the amazing world we would have if gender equity could come about.

Festivals often evoke happiness, spontaneity, surprise and delight, experiences and experimentation. WOW Festivals are joyful, challenging and surprising. A riot of colour, mind-bending conversation and community, there’s space at WOWs for everything from the most difficult discussions to have to workshops that have you in fits of laughter.

They are a space to socialise, dip in and out, and find a personal journey. WOW festivals are driven by the issues that affect women in the areas where festivals are held. We provide support and guidance on how to deliver a great festival and our working model is very much a partnership.

WOW – Think Ins are a key element of WOW’s annual programming. Using a methodology developed by WOW, we facilitate participant led discussions which identify common ground around gender based themes. These events bring together groups of people with different backgrounds, professions and social experiences to have safe and open conversations.

WOW London is produced by The WOW Foundation, and global festivals and events are created in partnership with local people and organisations, who are then all networked together.

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WOW Karachi

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