Activity ideas

Have you been inspired by what you have come across in WOW: A Creative Explosion? Check out the creative menu below with ideas and activities from the project that you can try out yourself.

  • Write your own ‘I am’ list. Include all the things that make you, you! It can be as long or as short as you want. Inspired by Gemma Cairney.
  • Write or Draw:

- Your perfect day

- A question for the whole world

- Something that makes you smile

- A question you want to ask your local community

  • Use tape to create tape art (washi tape works brilliantly)! Tape up your ‘question for your local community’ or your ‘something that makes you smile’ sentences in a public place. Make sure to pick a place that you have permission to use. Take a photo of your art and share it. (Inspired by Heather Marshall).
  • What does your radical future look like?

Think about: sound, feeling, colours, people, possessions and why it Matters. document this in any way you like. You could make a poster, design a sticker, create a slogan or a mini zine. Inspired by Korantema.

  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and other people's expectations of youthat are perhaps not true. Start with the phrase: You might think…
  • Have a go at writing a short poem about an assumption that frustrates you, use humour and sarcasm to explore the frustration
  • What is Art? Make a list of all the things you consider to be art, pick one you would like to explore more and do some research.
  • Think about what you would like to change in the world. Create a protest poster or banner that demands the change you want to see. Hang your poster or banner somewhere that other people might see it and take a photograph.
  • Create a playlist of music that inspires you. Share it with your friends.

WOWsers: A Creative Explosion

Don't miss this digital exhibition created by girls and non-binary young people aged 8-16 years-old - a creative snapshot into the lives, concerns and passions of girls and non-binary young people living in Britain today.