Jude Kelly and Angela Davis sit on stage at WOW London in 2019

The Global Channel

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Watch 24 hours of urgent discussion, exclusive performances and inspiration ideas here on The Global Channel (just click 'Watch now' in the header). As we travel the world, with speakers from all over the globe, you can watch speakers including Angela Davis speaking on six themes:


Each of these themes will be explored three times by different groups of global leaders, community activists, and girls and young women as we reach them in turn, discussing the situation specific to them. There will also be performances from world leading musicians, and WOW Big Ideas from organisations including With and For Girls, The Female Lead and Common Purpose.

Over the 24 hours WOW Global 24 will build up a worldwide picture of the current situation for girls and women, and the events and ideas that are creating positive or adverse impacts.

The main language will be English. See below for a full schedule.

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The Global Channel was programmed by The WOW Foundation in partnership with: Connected Women Leaders; Theirworld; Care International; Disasters Emergency Committee; RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in War); UN Women; and WOW Festivals and partners across the world.