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Tune into WOW Global 24's Local Channel above (just click 'Watch now' in the header) to see a group of incredible communities bringing to life local issues and responses. There will be conversation, performances, workshops, music and more, all in local languages. Each event will bring stories of resilience, leadership and examples of ‘building back better’ for all to see.

The Local Channel starts streaming on Saturday 27 June at 12pm (UK time) following the Opening Session on the Global Channel. WOW Global 24's Local Channel features contributions from WOW Festivals and partners all around the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, Turkey, UK, the African Continent, Brazil, USA, and Australia and the Pacific.

View the full festival schedule below for highlights from the programme.

Thanks to all the Local Channel festival supporters.

If you looking for The Global Channel click here.

Please note, event times are automatically generated from the region you're watching the festival from. Make sure to check the time zone below.


The Local Channel is curated by British Council (South Asia and Turkey), Across Red Lines (the Middle East), Ake Arts and Book Festival (the African Continent), WOW Bradford (UK), Redes da Maré (Brazil), WOW USA, WOW Australia / Of One Mind (Australia and the Pacific), Jagriti - Women Center of Excellence (India) and WOW Malaysia.