WOW Global 24

WOW Global 24 is entirely free to take part in. As a charity we depend on the generosity of our supporters who share our ultimate ambition of a gender equal world to ensure our work remains as accessible as possible.

Donate now to support WOW's work by texting ‘WOWGLOBAL 5’ to 70085 to donate £5*

You can donate anything up to £20 e.g. WOWGLOBAL 20

*You will be charged your donation plus one standard rate message.

You’ll be opting in to hear more about WOW’s work via SMS. If you do not want to receive marketing communications, text WOWGLOBALNOINFO 5 (or the amount you’re giving)

We would be hugely grateful for any contribution you can make towards The WOW Foundation at this unprecedented time to enable us to continue to support and celebrate women and girls across the world.

Find out how you can support us continue our work here.

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