Still to come at WOW UK

17 Mar 2021

Blog Post

We've had over two weeks of events so far for WOW Festival UK 2021. From interactive workshops to engaging In Conversations, we hope you've enjoyed our programme.

And there's more to come! With five days of the festival still to go, make sure you check out these fantastic events coming up.

Also don't forget if you've missed out on any of our talks so far, you can catch-up with our Festival Talks Pass. From just £25 you can watch all our In Conversation events on demand, at a time that suits you until 31 March.

Coming up as part of WOW UK

17 March 8pm Ruby Wax: And Now for the Good News - Featuring a WOW Sounds performance by Kimmortal
Come and join Ruby for an hour of optimism - including a guided meditation, run by Ruby, especially for WOW. In conversation with writer and broadcaster Fearne Cotton.

18 March 8pm Refusing to be Silenced - Featuring a WOW Sounds performance by Emel Mathlouthi
In the midst of lockdown, when growing authoritarianism threatens to silence the voices of truth and justice, meet the women who risk their lives to speak the truth and refuse to be silenced, despite grave danger.

19 March 8pm Sex in Lockdown - Featuring a WOW Sounds performance by Hope Masike
We have brought together some of the greatest minds, researchers and global sexperts to discuss how life under lockdown has impacted our sex lives. With Lucy-Anne Holmes, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, Dr Jessi Parrott and Chrystal Genesis.

20 March 10am Workshop: How To Be An Active Bystander
Join us for a workshop about the role of the bystander in preventing violence before it occurs and/or calling out behaviour that is problematic in safe and respectful ways.

20 March 2pm Workshop: Female Friendships
Join this workshop for a chance to think about the friendships in your life - what you want, what you need, and what you’re bringing. Hear from friends, activists and campaigners Gabby Edlin, Seyi Akiwowo and Becca Bunce, who'll talk about the joys and challenges of their friendship, and have a chance to reflect on your own.

SOLD OUT: 20 March 4pm Workshop: From Intersectionality to #SAYHERNAME with Jade Bentil
Join this discussion, led by Jade Bentil, to delve deeper into some of the topics emerging from Kimberlé Crenshaw’s In Conversation at WOW UK 2021. Jade will reflect on the radical ethics of love and care that are at the heart of Black feminism.

20 March 4pmWorkshop: Afrofunk Rio
Join Taísa Machado from Afrofunk Rio for this dance workshop direct from Brazil. No experience necessary - just bring yourself, an open mind - and get ready to move your body, Rio style!

20 March 8pmThe Unviable
Curated by Jessi Parrott, this event brings together leading Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent women, trans and non-binary artists to unpack the impact of the word 'unviable' in their own indomitable activist artistic style, telling their story.

21 March 2pm Workshop: Everyone’s An Artist with Bryony Kimmings
Join Bryony as she hosts a therapeutic, fun and physical 1.5 hour workshop to introduce quick, and painless exercises to put creativity firmly back into your daily life.

21 March 4pm Workshop All Cisterns Go - Plumbing with WOW
It's not a pipe dream, do it yourself! In this workshop, come and learn the basics of plumbing, so that you can sort easy problems yourself at home, and learn what to ask for when you need professional help.

21 March 4pm Workshop: BSL Cookalong with Yvonne Cobb of Yumma Food
Join founder of Yumma Food, Yvonne Cobb, dubbed 'Deaf Nigella' as she leads you through a cookery class to make Vegan burger with peri peri potato wedges and homemade tasty salsa.