How Do I Be Me? - WOWsers: A Creative Explosion

11 Oct 2021


How Do I Be Me?

By Kyra, aged 14 from the UK

Tell us about the artwork.

My life and what it's like to be a Demigirl in today's era with multiple amounts of media! It's a visual representation of how I see myself, as well as the world around me. And a mind map on questioning who I really am. I think these are all topics that any woman/non-binary person of any age can relate too. You can read my blog here.

What inspired you to make your artwork?

Definitely the help from Lou and Elora [facilitators for the WOWsers: A Creative Explosion exhibition]! I always knew what I was going to do, but they really gave me the motivation and the ideas to start. The WOWsers sessions and WOW Sounds music also inspired a few of the ideas.

What action would you like people to take to make the world better for girls and non-binary young people today?

I would love it if people would accept all individuals, no matter where they are on their journey of self discovery!

This artwork is part of WOWsers: A Creative Explosion, an exhibition supported by BBC Children In Need's impact programme focused on children’s mental health, A Million & Me.

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