WOWsers: A Creative Explosion

Welcome to the WOWsers: A Creative Explosion digital exhibition

This year in partnership with BBC’s Children in Need's A Million & Me we reimagined our WOWsers programme and piloted WOWsers: A Creative Explosion. Over five months we invited girls and non-binary young people aged 8-16 years-old from BBC Children in Need funded organisations to join us online. Through convening sessions and a series of How To Workshops, our brand new cohort of WOWsers explored art, activism and leadership.

This exhibition offers a a creative snapshot into the lives, concerns and passions of girls and non-binary young people living in Britain today.

Explore each artwork and read a Q&A with each artist below. You can also use the menu above to view all the artworks together, and discover more about the activists, artists and special guest speakers who joined us on this creative journey. Plus visit the How To section for inspiration on creating your own work.

List of Resources

  1. Proud - WOWsers: A Creative Explosion

    Tape Art
    Read More
  2. As Bright as a Flame - WOWsers: A Creative Explosion

    Read More

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