WOW UK Festival 2021 Revisited

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  1. WOW UK 2021 Festival Revisited Talks Pass

    Due to phenomenal demand, we’re bringing back a selection of talks and workshops (23rd-27th July) from WOW UK Festival 2021! So if you missed out or…
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  2. Workshop: Grandmothers

    Grandchildren come with all the joy and less responsibility - or do they? With sky high childcare fees, an increasing number of single parents needing…
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  3. Workshop: Finding Your Virtual Power with Sarah Blumenau

    Whether we love it or hate it, the virtual environment is now a crucial part of our everyday professional and personal lives. This very special…
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  4. Workshop: Under 10’s Feminist Corner

    Feminism isn’t just for teenagers and grown ups! Find out what you can do to fight for equality in this fun workshop. If you’re a budding young…
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  5. Workshop: Everyone’s An Artist with Bryony Kimmings

    As children we all draw, sing and make pretend. At some point for most of us those urges are either schooled out or forgotten to the daily grind. Yet…
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  6. Workshop: All Cisterns Go - Plumbing with WOW

    It's not a pipe dream, do it yourself! In this workshop led by Hattie Hasan MBE, Founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, come and learn the basics of…
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  7. Workshop: How To Be An Active Bystander

    Witnessed violence but didn’t know how to react? We all have the capacity to be someone who does something in the face of inequality in all of its…
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  8. Workshop: From Intersectionality to #SayHerName

    Join this discussion, led by Jade Bentil, to delve into the radical love of Black feminist politics, and other topics that emerge from Kimberlé…
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  9. Talk: Cut from the Same Cloth?

    Are you oppressed? Do you wear that at home? Can you be a feminist? Aren’t you hot in that?
    SPOILER ALERT: This session will not be asking or…
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